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How about this idea on advertising where every seminar attendee has to look?

You can buy ads like you would in a newspaper that would be placed in our seminar brochure to be handed out to all the attendees during any particular seminar. All of those ads, including a full page ad are very reasonable. Email us for the details.

Full page ad is


Half page ad is


Quarter page ad is


I Want To Sponsor or Advertise With The FCPA

We love it, You Being A Sponsor… All Sponsors Are Dear To Us, Since We Are Truly A Non-Profit Association With No High Level Paid Employees… We Put Your “Every Penny” To Good Use, No Questions Asked. And In Return For Your Payment We Offer A Few Ways We Can Help You.

Besides “BLASTING” Your Message To Nearly 25% Of Every Chiropractor In The World in our Email News Letters Almost Daily… you can choose one of our other SPONSOR/Advertiser options if blasting does not appeal to you. Please see below for each…

Our Prime Sponsorship, Email Ads, our best and cheapest offer:


You can purchase a booth space at one of our seminars at a very reasonable price and personally speak to our members. The price depends on the events location.
This includes one 6×2 draped table, 2 chairs and electricity.

And if you are interested please do not forget we need good speakers at our seminars. If you know of someone in your organization that is interested in speaking, please let us know, but remember we only “want advanced thinking” topics.

Be adventurous and tell us how we can help you and what it is worth to your organization. We will work with you. We are the FCPA and that means were are here for a specific reason; to advance the DC to a higher level, not to steal your wallet.

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