FL Biennium Requirements

The current biennium started April 1, 2020 and ends on March 31, 2022

Florida License Renewal, every two years (biennium)… You are required 40 hours of CE, within those 40 hours you need:

For Florida DC’s certified in Acupuncture you will also need:

HIV/AIDS, For first biennium doctors only:

First biennium doctors only are not required to have Risk Management or Florida Rules CE or any of the general hours.

Class Attendance/Sign-In Times and Requirements

The FL Board calculates 50 minutes of continuous education as 1 CEU. Because hours are calculated electronically, your credits may be adversely affected if you arrive late for class, leave early or take unnecessary breaks during class time. 

General Classes: All attendees are required to visit the Attendance Desk, located near the Registration Desk, once for every 2-hour class period (see Class Schedule above for exact times).  You must present a photo ID and your badge will be scanned each time.   This will verify your total CE hours attended.

Out of State:  If you are licensed outside of Florida, your State my require that you sign in/out of each course. Please do so to avoid any conflict with your individual state board. Sign in/out sheets will be available in all general classes.

Core Classes: In addition, all Core classes require that you present your photo ID and have your badge scanned in and out at the classroom door. Your  badge will be scanned and ID checked every time you enter and leave the classroom, including bathroom breaks. (A 5 to 10 minute bathroom break is reasonable.)  Even for the core classes, you still need to be scanned at the attendance desk during this 2-hour period to ensure that your total number of CE  credits is accurate.


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