In order to report your hours accurately and to receive confirmation from the University, please be sure that your address is current and can be used as the standard USPS format. Please refrain from using all caps when filling out the form.

Please do not use autofill when completing the form


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    We are always looking for great speakers to present at our seminars

    Dear Future Speaker

    If you are interested in presenting at one of our upcoming seminars we need you to fill out the short registration form giving us your basic information and then we prefer that you send your CV and class syllabus to us at: myfcpa.speakers@gmail.com with the following requirements:

    A professional resume worthy to send to state boards, and be proud of, it has to be only ONE PAGE long and should consist of the following only contact Information INCLUDING current Licensure, Formal Education, Clinical or Teaching Experience and Publications.

    Please omit:  Photographs, Hobbies and any personal information.

    Certificates, Diplomas, or Licenses that validate your presentation topic.

    A Syllabus, in a required format will be send to you on receipt of the speakers registration. Once received please download the file, complete electronically by selecting first “add text” in Fill & Sign section, when finished save, attach and send to our email address at myfcpa.speakers@gmail.com

    That if your resume is in a .PDF format it can only be accepted providing it does not contain any advertising or commercial content.  Therefore it is highly recommended you send it in the .DOC format in case it needs to be “cleaned up.”

    Until this information is received we cannot consider you as a presenter.

    Please help us by submitting all the necessary information in a timely manner if you want to present at one of our seminars.  You will not be considered until we have received all the necessary information about you and the class you want to present. 

    The FCPA is a non-profit volunteer organization with only a few paid secretaries, therefore our speakers volunteer their time and cover their own expenses.

    Your support and willingness to share your knowledge with your peers. FYI… Florida Statutes:
    64B2-13.004 Continuing Education
    (11) …a course instructor, for one presentation only per biennium, will receive credit for a continuing education program sponsored by a provider approved by the Board.

    (The statue does not mention the number of hours per class)

    Rule 64B2-13.004(5)(B) – Continuing Education
    5) Continuing education providers, including providers of continuing education in AIDS and risk management, seeking initial approval of continuing education courses by the Board shall pay a fee of $250. Continuing education providers seeking renewal for the providership of approved courses shall also pay a $250 fee each biennium. The initial fee and renewal fee shall be assessed per provider and not per course. To receive Board approval, a continuing education course:

    (a) Should be submitted for the Board’s approval prior to the date of the scheduled presentation;

    (b) Must be offered for the purpose of keeping the licensee apprised of advancements and new developments in at least one of the following areas, provided that the continuing education is within the scope of chiropractic practice as defined in Chapter 460, F.S.:

    1. General or spinal anatomy,
    2. Physiology,
    3. General or neuro-muscular diagnosis,
    4. X-ray technique or interpretation,
    5. Chemistry,
    6. Pathology,
    7. Microbiology,
    8. Public health,
    9. Principles or practice of chiropractic,
    10. Risk management,
    11. Laboratory diagnosis,
    12. Nutrition,
    13. Physiotherapy,
    14. Phlebotomy,
    15. Acupuncture,
    16. AIDS,
    17. Law relating to the practice of chiropractic, the Board of Chiropractic Medicine and the regulatory agency under which the Board operates.