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    FCPA is Looking for Great Speakers. Share your expertise with the FCPA

    FCPA wants you!

    The FCPA is known for classes with interesting educational content, knowledgeable and entertaining speakers.

    But we want more!

    We want to offer more classes, more often via Zoom on almost any subject that will help DCs heal the sick and make money. We will offer classes in Adjusting Techniques, Practice Management, Patient Management, Financial Investing, Website Building, Advertising, Trigger Point Injections, Ozone Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Pharmacology, Diabetes, Cardiology, Alzheimer’s, Liver disease, and Thyroid Conditions, just to name a few.

    If you think our fellow DCs would like to hear what you have to offer, we want you to tell us.

    Please help advance the chiropractic profession by helping us to provide the best of the best in continuing education regardless of the area of interest.

    Education should not be limited!

    If you have what it takes to be a presenter we want you. Our doctors are eagerly waiting for our weekly Zoom evening classes to begin, so contact us ASAP.

    Contact us today for more information by email at myfcpa@gmail.com or by phone at 407-409-7291.

    The FCPA is a nonprofit volunteer chiropractic organization that is working hard with amazing lobbyists and has teamed up with the Florida Chiropractic Coalition to help speed up our quest to achieve additional rights.

    Please note that as a non profit organisation we do not at the moment cover expenses of our speakers. All of our speakers donate their time and cover their own flights and hotel rooms as necessary. Which we greatly appreciate.

    No free products in exchange for CEUs, no free tables for speakers, other  promotional material must be away from the education area. Speakers should  not promote CEUs at their table. No flyers, no handouts, nothing to say that  they are “teaching” to promote their products.