Mission Statement

The FCPA (Florida Chiropractic Physician Association, Inc). is  fighting to integrate chiropractic physicians into the healthcare system as specialists and primary care providers with full prescriptive rights for those that want it… starting with injectable nutrition which Florida Chiropractors used to have.

We are a friendly, full-service association that is focused on unifying the positive expansion of your legal rights as a primary care physician without forgetting our roots as natural healers.  


The FCPA needs your help so we can continue helping the advancement or our great profession correctly and responsibly. Please join today. It is free to join
With the help of the FCPA all of us can work toward expansion of our profession to respectable new heights never imagined before.  If you would like to see our profession blossom and bloom into a profession of the future, you must join us and move forward with us as a positive force in the health industry. We have no time to waste if we are going to achieve our goals, ”advancement of the chiropractic physician to the level of true primary care physician, with full prescriptive rights and the opportunity to specialize”. We all need to find a common ground that all chiropractors can rally behind so we can advance our profession. If you would like to see chiropractic in Florida catch up with other states then you need to join the Florida Chiropractic Physician Association today.    

We Shall abide by the laws and uphold the laws, knowing it is time to change the laws. Roderic Lacy, MD DC Founding Father and CEO FCPA

Why Should I Join The FCPA?

The first question is… Do you want additional rights as a physician?  Would you like to work side by side with MD’s and DO’s on an equal level?

Imagine the possibilities. Join our winning team today!

With your help we can do this!!!