About us

The Florida Chiropractic Physician Association

The FCPA is a full service association focusing on correcting the restrictive laws of the past resulting in the expansion of your rights as a primary care physician. Expansion of your rights will allow you to excel in the future and provide better health to your patients. By expanding your rights as a primary care physician with full prescriptive rights and the ability to specialize you can increase your knowledge and your “bag of tools.” It all adds up so you could offer more services to the public. 

We are starting with focusing on getting back the Injectable Nutrition FL DCs used to have

Since 2011, when the new FCPA was established we have been focused on your future as a primary care physician as well as protecting the rights you have now. You can continue to enjoy the pip laws, subluxation reduction and acupuncture. It has taken years of hard work from the other associations to reach the level our profession is at now, but the time has come to reach a new level and the FCPA knows this and will continue to work hard to accomplish this; the level of a true primary care physician with all the rights and privileges that other professions enjoy.

Join the FCPA for this reason and if you wish continue your membership in another association, that is perfect. We cannot lose what we have, only improve for the future. 

The FCPA will continue to offer classes not normally offered in other institutions that will expand your knowledge in many areas of medicine while focusing on the sciences of pharmacology, injectable nutrition, internal medicine and surgery. 

In most states, DCs are licensed as primary care physician and should be able to practice like one, but they can’t. If you do not know that your association is standing behind you and that your future is stable and that your profession is getting stronger and not weaker how can you continue to progress? You can not. We all must understand this simple philosophy: advance or fade away. 

We understand that unless we correct the restrictive laws of the past and explore new philosophies for the future we will never survive as a profession Yes, a few will survive but most of us will fail and quit. This is unacceptable. How long will we continue to progress at a snails pace? And in many states they are losing ground and seeing their rights being stripped away. Let’s speed up the evolution of our profession now. 

Aren’t you tired of worrying where your next patient will come from? Expansion means prosperity for you and better health for your patients. 

The medical community is changing rapidly and we must be a bigger part of that change. 

The FCPA has always stood for expansion of your rights and has always offered great seminars where the education is not only based on the philosophies of the past, but also on modern medicine and proven natural ways to cure the sick. We are focused. Our seminars are fun, educational and cheap. 

You can join the FCPA today and make a difference

Join us today and help us create a better tomorrow. Join the ranks of other states such as: Arkansas, Idaho, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin, that are leading the fight to expand their rights, their patient’s rights and your rights.Let your voice be heard. Join us today and help us advance your rights. With your help we can show the world that chiropractic is once again the progressive profession it once was. 

It is time to move on to the future. Come and join us today.

Thank you,