Expanded Access to Nutrition Care & 40 Credit of Education

Florida  Legislative Session 2021  Began on March 2nd  in Tallahassee.

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Below are our bills SB1460 & HB1489
Filed for the 2021 session to allow injectables and 40 credit hours of online education

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SB1460: Chiropractic Medicine
GENERAL BILL by Brandes, J.

Chiropractic Medicine; Revising the definition of the term “practice of chiropractic medicine” to authorize chiropractic physicians to prescribe, order, store, and administer medical oxygen and articles of natural origin if they complete specified training; deleting a requirement that continuing chiropractic education be completed in a classroom setting; authorizing pharmacists to dispense articles of natural origin pursuant to an order from a licensed chiropractic physician, etc.

Effective Date: Upon becoming a law
Last Action: 02/19/2021 Senate-Filed
Bill Text:  Web Page PDF

HB1489: Chiropractic Physicians
GENERAL BILL by Hage ; Smith, D.

Chiropractic Physicians; Authorizes chiropractic physicians who have completed specified training to order, store, possess, prescribe, & administer articles of natural origin & administer medical oxygen; authorizes licensed pharmacists to fill such chiropractors’ orders for articles of natural origin; authorizes chiropractic continuing education hours to be completed online; provides requirements for online continuing education courses.

Effective Date: upon becoming a law
Last Action: 2/26/2021 House – Filed
Bill Text: PDF